Andrea Beltratti


Andrea Beltratti 现为博科尼(Bocconi)大学经济学教授,意大利联合圣保罗银行(Intesa Sanpaolo)管理委员会主席。


1989 耶鲁大学经济学 博士(导师:Prof. Robert Shiller);

1982 都灵大学(University of Torino)经济学 本科


President of the Management Board, Intesa Sanpaolo, 2010-today;

Independent board member, Eurizon Capital, 2004-2010;

Independent board member, Eurizon Alternative Investments,.2003-2010;

Independent board member, Assogestioni, 2007-2010;

Board member, Biverbanca, 2009-2010;

Board member, pension fund, Bocconi University, 2006-2009;

Independent board member, RAS asset management, 2002-2004;


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